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Join the space syntax online discussion group.

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  1. KIM, JUIL says:

    A researcher interested in urban structure.
    Nice to join the group of the same interest.

  2. Fadly says:

    Hi, I am working on a PhD looking at spatial equity at a range of scales in the post-apartheid South African city, using Cape Town as my case study. In short, I am interested in developing empirical spatial data using space syntax’s analytical techniques (+ underpinning theoretical premises) in order to provide spatial insight to the ‘the right to the city’ discourse (critical urban theory). At the moment I am trying to come to grips with the necessary software applications – Depthmap and Confeego (and somehow been struggling to download the latest confeego from the new web site). Keen to join discussions of like interest.

  3. CBT IT says:

    We and installed DepthmapSetup1014.exe from your site and symantec Antivirus found viruses in the exe. We need to use use this software but be safe at the same time. Please suggest. Thanks.

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